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Future London Academy (FLA) is an educational organisation formed in 2013. Our courses cater for professionals across a variety of industries; they consist of talks, lectures and workshops conducted by industry experts. Our programmes are designed to immerse participants in the creative, commercial and cultural life of London. Participants enjoy exclusive access to some of the top people; agencies and businesses at work here today learning first-hand how they operate, as well as gaining behind-the-scenes insights into their most successful projects. We believe in practical experiential learning, where you learn directly from the source rather than a textbook.

Participants spend seven days in London all living in a house at the creative heart of the city. Our talks and workshops take place at our industry experts’ offices or exciting meeting spaces and are designed to be informative and informal. Previous courses have included visits to leading companies like Google, Twitter and the BBC. Participants have had the opportunity to sit around the table with key people in these organisations – asking questions, having conversations, and learning face-to-face about their approach and their ideas.

Apart from the educational aspect, the courses are also designed to show you London from a number of different angles, every day is packed with activity. Participants visit acclaimed exhibitions and cultural events as well as exploring some of the secret spots in London that most visitors never get to experience.

Every day consists of various activities to maximise participants learning experiences, we follow the following structure:

  • Boosting breakfast: The first activity of the day includes informal activities over breakfast to activate brain and body to receive the creative stimuli of the day. During the boosting breakfasts, participants will interact with other participants, share their ideas, experiences and expectations for the day and meet local professionals to get to know more about the backstage of the creative industry.
  • Morning session: It is the first session of the day; it will take the form of a lecture or a hands-on workshop.
  • Practical exercise: A short task to follow up the morning session and make everyone unlock their brain's full potential
  • Lunch break: Between the morning and afternoon sessions there will be a short break where participants will have an opportunity to have lunch and enjoy the surroundings of the morning session’s location.
  • Afternoon session: It is the second session of the day, where participants will have a chance to visit another top London agency and listen to their team revealing the secrets they use in everyday work.
  • Debrief and the city: After a long day of absorbing new ways of working, idea brainstorming and creative exercises participants will debrief the content of the day to better organise them in their minds. This activity will be short and engaging and it will take place straight after the afternoon session in locations that participants can then visit as cultural and social activities such as museums, galleries and event spaces.
  • The weekend: The weekend will be dedicated to cultural and social activities, visiting exhibitions and exciting places in London.



Future London Academy

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