Phoenix Educational Institute


Phoenix Educational Institute

End of 2005

Phoenix reinvented the way in which working adults could achieve a higher education and made academic innovation, quality and accountability its hallmark. It pioneered an educational and service model specifically geared toward the way adults learn best and made its programs widely available to working professionals using common-sense scheduling and fresh new approaches to academic delivery.

The Institute has received overall recognition for excellence in learning assessment, quality education, quality service and organizational performance.

Phoenix is truly a different kind of Institute, whose time has come. Just ask its Faculties, and staff who are passionately dedicated to teaching and serving the 1500 and more students enrolled on Institute and online throughout Emirates.

Phoenix Educational Institute Started in 2005 November to cater to working adults seeking higher education by offering convenient class times. Driven by innovation in education, we have pioneered many of the conveniences that professional students now enjoy — evening classes, flexible scheduling, continuous enrolment, a student-centred environment, Friday classes, a well-equipped library and computer simulations.

What To Expect When Getting Started

What will be different if you earned a Certification from Phoenix? You. If you think you’d like to make a change for the better in your life, what’s preventing you? Maybe it’s that nagging voice that tells you, “it’s too late.” Or “Why bother?” Or “There’s no time.” The list is endless. And we know that nagging voice can be relentless.

You may even wonder what the difference a Certification may make in your life. That list is endless too: confidence, knowledge, and self-satisfaction. If you think you’d like to make a change for the better, now’s the time.

At Phoenix, a Training Centre that’s focused on every student’s success, we make sure that you are at the centre of your education. Once you get in touch with us, you’ll get to talk about those doubts you may have. An Enrolment Advisor will listen to you and discuss how you get from today to tomorrow. You’ll get to talk about what’s best for you, the type of learning that works for you and how you envision your future.

Whether you want to learn online among students who may be located across the street or across the world or want to go to a local classroom so you can get instruction face to face, your instructor will know who you are. In fact, from the day you enrol to the day you walk across the stage to receive your certification a team of advisors will be with you explaining the next step. Until that next step is all on your own. And, you’ll be ready.

Contact us today. We’ll conquer that nagging voice together.



Karama Centre Building
Suite No 115, D Block

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates