Infopulse University Ukraine



Infopulse University is an educational community that provides various training in Information Technologies. We will help you to join the IT-world of cutting-edge technologies, fascinating ideas, and innovative society.

We offer live training. It is not like video lecture and automatic tasks results checks. You will communicate with the trainer and he will answer your questions and will correct your mistakes.

Live. Real. Effective.

Class sizes are small. Very tiny comfortable groups of 4 – 6 persons. Your trainer will know you by name and there will be plenty of time to get one-on-one help with your coursework.

Our trainers are highly skilled professionals, IT engineers, and developers eager for sharing their knowledge with you. They are active in their careers and bring years of practical expertise.

Course programs are developed in consultation with leading employers. You will be at the forefront of the latest developments in IT with your trainer mentorship. They bring an insider's perspective of the IT industry that will benefit you in the classroom and after you graduate.

Enroll in our courses now and start to change your career! Become a software developer – well paid, free and prosperous person!

Along with learning courses in "Infopulse University," you can also get a degree in European University in Kiev, Ukraine. "Infopulse University" cooperates with European University in the learning process. You can earn university credits by successfully finishing our courses.

Infopulse – a trusted international vendor, delivering first-class IT solutions With offices in nine countries, located throughout Europe and Israel, Infopulse is one of the largest Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies. Delivering excellence in software engineering, infrastructure management, and information security, Infopulse has built a reputation as a trusted full-service solution provider.



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