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Why CCP with YFU?

YFU USA's Community Colleges offer a lot of benefits to help international students succeed in their college programs:

SUPPORT: Community colleges offer smaller classes with more personal attention from teachers. YFU USA also has a special coordinator on each campus to help you with your questions and problems.

COST: Want to save money? Community Colleges are cheaper than four-year universities, AND YFU USA's partner colleges have agreed to special tuition rates, saving money as you work towards your bachelor’s degree.

DIVERSIFY YOUR CURRICULUM VITAE: Participation in a YFU USA exchange program shows future employers you have the necessary work ethic and problem-solving skills for a global market.

What can YFU do for you?

ACADEMIC SUPPORT: At YFU, we know it's important to have a strong academic plan from the beginning. Our trained staff will help you with your course selections and make sure you stay "on track" for transfer after your two-year program.

ADMISSIONS COUNSELING: YFU USA's staff and on-campus coordinators will help you with the process of selecting and applying to a university from the transfer options available at your partner college.

Community College Program

If you are between the ages of 17 and 23 years old and have graduated from secondary schooling, you may be eligible to participate in YFU USA’s Community College Program (CCP)!

YFU USA offers the following programs

  • ESL to improve your English level
  • Gap Experience: Semester or Year
  • Academic Semester or Year
  • Two-Year Associate Degree with Pathways Option

Support services

YFU USA’s network of staff and volunteers provide students the support they need in their new life in the USA:

  • Campus Coordinators to help you navigate your school
  • Trained support managers to assist with any problems
  • Medical insurance to keep you healthy
  • Experienced staff guiding you through the visa process
  • Airport and Travel assistance

2+2: Path to a bachelor's degree

YFU USA’s CCP program can get you started towards a Bachelor’s Degree. Students who successfully complete the two-year degree program may be eligible to transfer to a four-year university! YFU USA community colleges provide pathways to many excellent universities.

Dormitory or homestay? It's your choice.

YFU students can experience true American college life in a dormitory, or live in a homestay to experience American family life.

DORMITORY LIFE: Living on campus provides a lot of ways to make the transition to college easier:

  • Easy access: everything happens right outside your door!
  • Save time: less time spent traveling to and from campus means more time to study, play or sleep!
  • Get involved: someone in your building might become your new best friend.



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