Deep Springs College


The mission of Deep Springs College is to prepare young people for a life of service to humanity. Leadership and enlightened service are the aims of Deep Springs, which fulfils its educational mission by bringing students into intense contact with nature, work, and ideas.

Deep Springs’ challenging and comprehensive educational program is designed for a few of the most promising students entering college each year. The college takes sound principles of teaching and learning to their practical limits. Based on a cattle ranch in an isolated desert-mountain valley, the college enables its students to experience and take year-round responsibility for a largely self-sustaining community, ranch, and farm, while requiring them to engage in a two-year liberal arts honours program. The program provides the curriculum necessary to obtain an Associate of Arts degree. Learning is pursued to solve real problems, both practical and social, for the joy of intellectual understanding and humane action.


Big Pine

250 Deep Springs Ranch Road
Highway 168
Big Pine, CA 93513

CA 93513 Big Pine, California, USA

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