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About us

IEEF is born from the enthusiasm and work of Carlos Lázaro who, after dedicating himself to training for years, decided to develop his own methodology focused on achieving the two main goals of any student: to achieve effective learning and access a good job.

The Institute is, at first, a personal project.

After almost 10 years dedicated exclusively to training, the Spanish Institute for Education and Training has two reference centers in Madrid. One in the downtown area (Avenida de América) and another in Móstoles (Calle Villaamil) that have the best professionals and teachers of each specialty. Currently IEEF is an accredited and prestigious institution in the field of training, both in person and remotely.

The main achievement of IEEF, and our best letter of introduction, are the students who fill our courses and their subsequent professional trajectory: the high percentage of students who find work after studying at IEEF.

We are excited about your future. Let us help you achieve all your professional goals.


How does it work?

Faculty: IEEF professors are professionals with extensive experience in their fields, who have worked on what their students study, so they are fully aware of what a professional needs to learn. Several have been in the academy since its inception. The involvement of the teaching staff is one of the ingredients of IEEF's success, from the first lesson to the completion of the internship, since they are the ones who find the best destinations for the practices of their students.

Attractive agenda: The different agendas are created based on the guidelines of the BOE (Official State Gazette), so they comply with state regulations, and are complemented by the experience of their teachers, which add those that they consider will be important for work performance This makes that the students are requested among the companies that demand personnel for practices.

Flexibility of schedules: Flexible schedules help students to organize their time and move at their pace.

Support material: In IEEF intensive support materials are used to facilitate learning. Thus, students have access to videos, a complementary English course, training in study techniques, and everything they may need to complete their training.

Participation: Classes encourage participation, so that students are not spectators in their course, but an active part of their learning process.

Practices: IEEF constantly searches for the best destinations and companies for the practices of its students, taking into account the particular circumstances of each person, the closeness, the work that is done with the student in the practice center, and the possibilities of ending up being hired.


Preparation of courses in IEEF

An IEEF course takes at least a year from when it begins to be developed until it is officially launched. It is created based on the requirements of the Ministry of the Government related to each course, and it is extended with the information that the professors, from their professional experience, considers necessary for the future professionals.

It includes extensive consultation documentation and an important amount of audiovisual material to facilitate the assimilation of contents. With these courses, it is possible to pass the official certification exams, and several of the courses are also certified by the Juan Carlos I University.

The practices are also crucial, because what is learned is valued, professional competence is demonstrated, and in many cases it is the direct way to be hired at the end of the internship period. The place of the practices is chosen taking into account the particular needs of each student, the existing demand, and the possibilities of being hired.


Social action

IEEF also works with immigrants and refugees to help their integration in the country, both with the language and in the professional certification of knowledge that, in many cases, they already bring from their countries of origin.




Avenida de América nº 8, 2º B 28028
Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain


Calle Villaamil, 78 28934
Móstoles, Community of Madrid, Spain