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About us

CampusFP offers the highest educational offer in Middle and Higher Education Courses with more than 20 degrees in 7 different centers, at affordable prices for all budgets, because the important thing is you.

CampusFP was born with a clear social vocation, in order to dignify vocational training and bring it closer to all the inhabitants of the Community of Madrid, in a practical way and emphasizing the importance of know-how.

The acquisition of skills based on professional and academic skills is a safe educational commitment that CampusFP understands as "training360", an innovative concept that allows us to visualize a model of differentiating education, resulting from the combination of national and international education systems and with The one that we managed to extend the projection of professional and academic future of our graduates.

How do we do all this? Using as reference the Spanish educational system of regulated vocational training and referencing the professional qualifications of the system of training for employment we seek a symmetry in qualifications with the British vocational training system through different Awarding Bodies (Official Qualifications and Curriculum Authorities in the UK ).

In this way CampusFP ends with the divorce between academic and vocational training. In this sense and after a long experience in the search for practical and concrete solutions, we have developed our own philosophy and an exclusive training that integrates three learning formats:

  • Regulated Vocational Training (Middle and Upper Level Formative Cycles) . University Professional Training.
  • Training for Employment (Certificates of Professionalism) . Your window to the world of work.
  • Vocational Training in accordance with the British education system, (Level 4 Professional Qualification Diplomas, UK) .

We like to talk about CampusFP as a "small great center", since we use the Community of Madrid as a large campus and through our centers we approach the most demanded degrees by the employers according to the geographical area to municipalities well communicated and whose accessibility for the Students are quick and easy, for the academic year 2016-2017 we have 7 centers in the Community of Madrid, more than 40 professional training degrees and more than 250 certificates of professionalism.

Always from our mentality of impulse to the employment and the employability we have the academic rates more economic of all the Community of Madrid, whereas a pupil of Superior Degree in a public center costs of average 6,000 € in the Community of Madrid, CampusFP offers his qualifications Of Superior Degree of the formative areas of Image and Sound and Health by 4.990 € per academic year and by 4,490 € the other Superior Degrees and the Average Degrees to 3.990 € per year. All this with the compatibility of CAM Scholarships for higher-level training cycles ranging from € 2,300 to € 3,500 for the first year and MECD scholarships.

Last but not least, we are sponsors of the Music Aula - Berklee festival, a music festival aimed at young people between 13 and 22 years, which this year and thanks to CampusFP includes a new modality, that of DJ. With the official presentation in the Community of Madrid of the new title of Professional Training of Medium Degree "Technician in Video, Disc-Jockey and Sound" and the certificate of professionalism of level 2 "Musical Animation Live and Direct.




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