Avenue English


Avenue English is a dynamic English language school in the world class African city of Johannesburg. The school is situated in the northern suburbs, close to Sandton, Rosebank and Melrose Arch.

We develop and facilitate English courses relating to English communication, for the social and business environments.

Learning English is a challenge and we aim to make your experience as enjoyable and effective as possible.

We offer affordable English Language and Communication courses, aimed at assisting learners achieve their full potential. We are committed to providing the highest quality English tuition and service, which is professional and efficient.

Please enquire about our General English courses, English Improvement for second language speakers, IELTS preparation courses and English for Business courses.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility to suit each and every individual’s needs as well as our small, personalised classes.

Why Us?

  • We have over 45 years of international Business and English language teaching experience.
  • We teach people who have the need to learn English for career, social, academic and self-improvement purposes both in the public and commercial sectors.
  • The purpose of Avenue English is to make English accessible to all foreign and second language learners.
  • We are flexible in order to cater to each individuals unique English language needs.

Why Learn English?

  • Every continent uses English for business and communication.
  • Over 1.8 billion people speak English worldwide, of which 328 million are native speakers.
  • World powers speak English. World powers use English for business.
  • 1 billion people are currently learning English worldwide.



Corlett Drive,154
2090 Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa