Chechen State Pedagogical University


The Chechen State Pedagogical University is a university that combines the best traditions of classical education and innovative educational methods. Today our university meets modern requirements, is called an effective university of the country and occupies a worthy place in the educational space. And most importantly, it helps talented young people to get closer to their dreams!

The Pedagogical University makes a great contribution to the preservation and development of the national and cultural values of the Chechen people, is a major scientific and methodological centre of the republic in Russian and Chechen philology, psychology and pedagogy, foreign languages, fine arts and the history of Chechnya. It should be noted that the Center of the Russian language also functions on the basis of the CSPU.

The basis of the University is made up of students who are surrounded in its walls by love and care and have the opportunity to absorb with the sciences a special, unforgettable spirit of Alma Mater. In the university, there is a Student Trade Union Committee, which takes an active part in the optimization of the educational process. The advanced development of the university, its formation as a pedagogical university is impossible, including without a long-term and effectively organized student youth policy.

The most creative and initiative part of the university's student youth annually participates in various All-Russian and All-Caucasian youth educational forums, presenting their author's projects, which are often called upon to solve the acutest social problems. Intellectual work and efforts of students do not go unnoticed, every year students win grants for the implementation of their own projects, which inspires students to conquer large peaks.

Students of the CSPU who have achieved significant success in studies and scientific activities receive nominal scholarships of various levels: Scholarships of the President of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Russian Federation, scholarships of the First Rector of the University Mukhari Umarovich Umarov, scholarships of the CSPU Academic Council.

Today the University develops new approaches to work with students, applies modern methods of teaching using the latest educational technologies, creates an effective system of multi-level education. The audit fund, laboratories, workshops, classrooms and special classes are equipped with all necessary material, including various technical training aids.

The special pride of the University are graduates, among whom there are ministers, leading workers, public figures, famous athletes, and, most importantly, numerous teachers who work selflessly in the schools of the Chechen Republic, investing their knowledge and soul in the future of the Chechen people.

Formation of the business, educational and intellectual elite of the region - this is the vision of the time and its main task for the collective of the CSPU, propagandizing and affirming the cult of knowledge and the priority of education.



364068, г.Грозный
пр. Х. Исаева, 62

Grozny, Chechnya, Russia