Riga Aeronautical Institute


Television program „Flight Plan” about Riga Aeronautical Institute (24.05.2013)

CAO conference “Training of aviation specialists – modern technologies and development trends” (19.07. 2012)
RAI Jubilee - 70 Years (21.07.2012)

Excursion in Riga Aeronautical Institute

Riga Aeronautical Institute (RAI) is one of the oldest educational institutions of Latvia with rich experience and traditions of training of specialists in the aviation and transport sphere.

RAI, founded in 1942 as a school of training of aviation specialists, from 1989 is an institution of higher education with many years’ successful experience of work on the international market of educational service.

RAI today is:

  • A termless accredited institution of higher education Promising and in-demans transportation and economic professions.
  • Modern methods of teaching.
  • Qualified academic staff.
  • Cooperation with field-specific educational institutions and training centres.
  • Collective training of cadets of Nacionāla Aizsardzības Akadēmija.
  • Branches in Latgale: Daugavpils, Rezekne.
  • Network of regional advisory units.
  • Possibility to obtain a state diploma of the Republic of Latvia recognized by the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation.
  • Highly developed teaching and methodical and material and technical base.
  • Full of variety campus life.

We are sure – we go one way

Riga Aeronautical Institute (RAI) is a higher educational institution with rich experience and traditions in area of preparing specialists in transport spheres like air, sea and road transport. Students have large possibilities of exploration of enterprise economics in corresponding fields, management of enterprise and also exploration of air transport and receiving pilot skills. About 1500 students study in RAI including branches of the institute in Rezekne and Daugavpils. Except latvian students, students from Lithuania, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russian Federation and Armenia study in RAI. During the period of its existence RAI has prepared more then 35000 specialists of different qualifications.

Independence and stability of RAI allow our institute to work on perspective. The programs of higher education and courses of professional education are licensed and accredited.

To satisfy demands of world economics and correspondence to society opinion the staff of a higher educational institution continuously works on improvement of already available educational programs and development of new ones. The existing educational base located on the institute land is replenished with a new building with laboratories, library and official hostel. Well equipped premises for giving lections, practical lessons and seminars, cafe, medical centre, fitness center and swimming pool are located in the old building.

RAI represents an example of successful international cooperation. In different spheres of science and education institute cooperates not only with latvian higher educational institutions, but also with Moscow Humanity-Economics Institute, Institute of Northern Dakota (USA), International Academy of Aviation PANAM, center of training of aviation specialists Lufthansa, St.Petersburg State University of civil aviation and others.

Spheres of activities of specialists trained by us are symbolically described by a logotype RAI – globe of the Earth enveloped by a bird's wing, that shows, that students like birds of passage fly to the institute, receive knowledge and experience and leave for their working places in Latvia and other countries of Europe, Asia and America. Logotype of RAI is an internationally-recognized trade mark.

RAI Facilities

Advance facilities, modern design and equipment of classrooms, library, health-improvement and medical centres in conformity to the requirements of European standards create a new businesslike environment, the atmosphere of cosiness and comfort as was particularly marked by the Accreditation Board.

AT Controllers Training Simulators

Provides practical training of students and ATC and MSP specialists.


Here you can get necessary literature, work on computer, send fax, e-mail, use the Internet, make a photocopy. Office hours: Business days 8:45-17:30.

For Extramural Department: Monday and Saturday - 8:45-19:30

Tuesday – Friday - 8:45 - 17:30

Sunday - 8:45 to 16:00

Computer Centre

There are special Commputer Training Cources Working hours: Wednesday at 5 PM.

English Study Room

We invite you to English language courses 2 times a week.

Meeting Room

This is a place of conduction of meetings of Senate, students’ self-government, meetings with foreign guests.

Conference Room

RAI history is reflected in the museum exposition.

Annual shareholders’ meetings, graduation ceremonies, solemn meetings are held in this room.

Laboratory of Physics, Electronics

We invite you to courses in repair of modern TV sets and video tape recorders.



9 Mezkalna Street
LV-1048 Riga, Latvia