Al Baher Arabic Language Training Center


Welcome to Al Baher your route of success to Arabic!

Arabic offers many opportunities in life and can lead the way to a successful future. Whether your decision to learn Arabic is for education, career or simply for an incredible life experience, Al Baher will ensure to help you achieve your goals. Choose from our various Arabic language courses, and let our friendly and professional instructors guide you to fluency. On your course, you will meet students from different nationalities and have experiences you will never forget. Our beautiful, modern language center is found in Al Batoul complex located in Abdoun, one of the most modern areas in Amman- Jordan. Due to its remarkable location, our students can easily access various restaurants, coffee shops, sports clubs, and parks. We also offer a variety of accommodation options, fun social activities, studies of the Middle Eastern history and culture.

Why Choose Al Baher?

Al Baher Arabic Language Training Center provides comprehensive, evidence-based Arabic language instruction for students of all levels and ages through supportive secure, and cultural environments. Established in 2005 and located in Amman, Jordan, Al Baher’s mission is to support Arabic language learners in their professional, personal, and academic development through a variety of immersion and instruction courses. Al Baher offers its services through committed, educated instructors with extensive experience in language development. Learn and improve your Arabic with us for a unique and life-changing experience. We promise you a great learning environment, fun and interesting lessons, professional teachers, good value accommodation and the chance to explore one of the world's most exciting cities.

Teaching Methodology

We follow a communicative approach to provide comprehensive, evidence-based Arabic language instruction to a wide range of students through a variety of programs (including immersion, classroom, and distance learning) each of these programs exemplifies our commitment to deliver the highest standards in Arabic language instruction.

To give an engaging and relevant framework to learning, our lessons focus on different topics, which vary from current affairs to everyday issues. With the help of our professional and friendly teachers, our students will be able to select topics that create interest, discussion and debate in the class.

Each student will be given the opportunity to be engaged with the language by taking active parts in classroom discussions, in addition to working on the language skills whether individually, in pairs or in small groups. As students learn about other classmates and different cultures around the world, they will also learn correct Arabic pronunciation, increase and widen their vocabulary, learn grammar to be able to form correct sentence construction. Eventually, our students will be able to express themselves in an accurate and appropriate way, all in Arabic!

Our Goal

Our mission is to support Arabic language learners in their professional, personal, and academic development through a variety of immersion and instruction courses. To exceed students` expectations by offering exceptional services, teaching through innovation and applying current, tailored teaching styles. To strive to be the best in Arabic language programs while maintaining competitive rates.

Every student, whether in Level 1 or 5, is encouraged and expected to actively participate in class, which promotes our program’s emphasis on developing a student’s ability to converse in Arabic.

Curriculum Design & Assessments

Our curriculum is designed by our bilingual, professional native Arabic specialists. Their innovative approach and continual research contribute to keeping Al Baher at the lead of advances in language learning methods and technology. They always monitor our students` needs in order to guarantee the high-quality delivery of our courses.

At the beginning of their learning journey, Al Baher students sit for a placement test to determine their level of Arabic, and then they join a class with other students of the same level through which they receive continual assessment through class tutorials, homework, and regular level tests.

Reports are generated that give detailed feedback on strengths and weaknesses, as well as overall progress for each student.

Our Team

Al Baher Arabic Language Training Center employs 14 college-educated, credentialed staff to provide friendly, courteous, efficient, timely and punctual service. The center’s reliable and professional standards are maintained by our motivated bilingual, well-trained native Arabic speaking instructors with over ten years of experience in their respective fields. They are enthusiastic, friendly, and most importantly - each one is fully certified and accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education to maintain our structured and comprehensive classes. They are selected with a high degree of review as they are the key to making Arabic fun and effective.

Our instructors provide documentation to applicants in a timely manner (e.g. test/interview information) followed by adequate notice to applicants for attendance at tests and interviews. The instructors supply results and meaningful feedback on tests and interviews to applicants as early as possible and continue to monitor selected methods and their efficiency and effectiveness.

With our energy, expertise, and passion for teaching Arabic, our goal is to help students succeed in a global community, at Al Baher we have a team of people to welcome you and make you feel at home. Ask them about academic matters, social activities or the best place get good coffee! They are there for you, they can accompany you on the many social activities we organize. They will be your guides as you and your new international friends explore.


Our center is located in (Abdoun), one of the most modern areas in Amman, Jordan.

It is found in Al Batoul Complex, a new luxurious building that contains many nice shops and many other facilities, in addition to its remarkable location that can connect the students easily to various restaurants, sports clubs, parks, and it is within walking distance of Taj Mall, one of the newest shopping centers in Amman. Within the five-story mall are numerous specialty shops, a grocery store (Cozmo), a dozen eateries and cafes, and spacious movie theatres. Al Baher ideal location and relaxed outdoor way of life offer the students a unique opportunity for learning.

Classes are conducted in a comfortable institute setting having students enjoy their lessons in central Air-conditioned classrooms, supplied with comfortable tables and chairs, set in a way that allows students to freely interact with each other. Each classroom is supplied with a large high technology screen for the purpose of keeping our students connected with the outside world and to get the privilege to benefit from our instructors` latest teaching methods using the audio/video teaching aids. Students enjoy a complimentary use of our wireless, wifi internet network and terminals, they are invited to relax, study or do their homework in our study lounge supplied with computers affordable for them.



Al Masarrah street 5 ,Zahran, Amman , Jordan
Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan