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Why choose IGA:

  • the school of the "Made in Italy"
  • the cooking, fashion and design school in Rome

Cooking, fashion, and design have always been the flagships of the Italian economy and they are also fields offering more job opportunities. Our cooking, fashion, and design courses enable our students to promptly enter the job market. Reasons for choosing IGA – Made in Italy School, the school that organizes cooking, fashion and design courses in Rome, and that gives you the opportunity to enter the market. First and foremost, the IGA – Made in Italy School innovative philosophy stems from a matter of fact: traditional vocational training courses do not prepare you to practice in your profession! This is because most available training courses propose a lot of theory but very little hands-on, with the result of an overall feeling of dissatisfaction at the end of the course. You could find yourself still at the starting point and unemployed. Our academy distinguishes itself by its practical approach and applies the basic rule to learn a profession: the best way to learn a profession is through hands-on training. What most schools don't tell you: only with real-world experience will a profession's secrets be acquired only by directly learning the techniques characterizing that profession. This is the best way to enter the market. According to this basic concept, all IGA – Made in Italy School vocational training courses take place in the best companies “Made in Italy”. As a matter of fact, the first question every employer asks is: where have you worked? All IGA – Made in Italy School courses will issue a Diploma stating who has been your Tutor and in which company you have been performing your internship. The certification released at the end of the course will count as a real working experience! Usually, at the end of the course, the vocational schools leave the students on their own and unprepared to enter the market. This also happens because they don't have a mentor guiding them in the market. On the contrary, IGA – Made in Italy School helps you enter the market thanks to the JOB OPPORTUNITIES, office, a true JOB SEARCHING service that can help place you in the network of the IGA partner-companies, the best in all of Italy.



via Sistina 149
Rome, Lazio, Italy


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