European Cultural Academy


The aim of the European Cultural Academy is to enhance knowledge and advance your career in Art, Architecture and the Creative Industries.

For more than a decade we have helped creative communities to increase visibility, build connections and make a lasting impact on their careers. In our courses, we share our insights as organisers of international exhibitions and Biennale Pavilions, Performance Art Week, Design Prize and Architecture Awards as a well as symposia, conferences and residencies.

Our faculty includes artists, designers, curators, gallerists, architects and scholars that will help you to build necessary skills and enable you to navigate through an opaque and very competitive industry.


Our Approach

European Cultural Academy emphasises practical solutions. You will get behind the scenes of the Biennale and learn to collaborate with governments, artists, foundations, and sponsors. At the end of the course, you will create a real project (e.g. exhibition project, artwork, publication, event etc.) that might be added to your portfolio/CV and you will have a possibility to present it to the public.

Prominent professors in related fields ensure a solid academic component and will enable you to gain a wider perspective.

Who can apply

Our participants come from all backgrounds and the course is open for anyone with an interest in Art and Architecture. If you are a university representative and would like to arrange a program for your students, we can customise it to your needs.

Individual applicants are welcome to apply for certain dates, please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

Duration is from 1 to 2 weeks. The Academy runs all year round, although the most optimal period would be during the Biennale (May-November).


Venice, Italy. We have four historic palazzos in the centre of Venice where we host exhibitions and are able to provide students with a unique behind-the-scenes experience.



S. Marco, 4013, 30124 Venice, Italy
30124 Venice, Veneto, Italy