Q Language provides a range of English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean language courses for students from all over the world. We serve the language needs of:

  • Young learners getting ready for university
  • Adults seeking higher education opportunities
  • Business people looking to improve their career with enhanced language skills
  • Anyone with a need, interest or passion for studying language

The courses are based on either 24 hours per week or 15 hours per week of General English study. Our flexible class schedule allows you to choose either AM or PM classes. The Intensive course is for students who want to maximize their language learning practice during their stay. The courses focus heavily on speaking and communication skills on the higher levels, but all the basics are also provided. These lessons provide the opportunity to learn the local culture and customs.

Intermediate and advanced students also have the option of studying in the test-preparation and business classes. All materials like textbooks, grammar, vocabulary exercises, and preparation for official English tests like IELTS or TOEFL are also provided.

For our overseas students, we offer a Student Visa Service and can arrange safe, comfortable and affordable accommodation while you study with us here in Hong Kong.

We are proud of our team of highly-qualified language professionals. Our teaching staff are all native-speaker teachers with internationally-recognized academic training qualifications and worldwide working experience. They are dedicated to teaching language skills to guide you through your goals in a relaxed learning environment.


We provide different courses that will suit your level from Beginner to Upper Intermediate

  • Intensive 15 General English
  • Intensive 24 General English
  • Intensive 15 General Business English
  • Intensive 24 General Business English
  • Semi-Intensive 9 General English
  • Daytime 6 General English
  • Intensive 15 Mandarin Course
  • Intensive 24 Mandarin Course
  • Intensive 15 Mandarin Cantonese Course
  • Intensive 24 Mandarin Cantonese Course


If you have the following items, our Visa Support Team can help secure a Hong Kong study visa for your language studies with us here in Hong Kong including in-house translation service for documents not in English or Chinese


We offer a wide range of housing options for all budgets and needs including:

  • Shared Housing
  • Basic Studios
  • Serviced Studios
  • Apartments for couples or families


Hong Kong

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5 Wing Lok St, 
Hong Kong, Hong Kong