About Us

The Language Gallery delivers high-quality language courses at a number of locations worldwide. With schools in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Berlin, Hannover, Vancouver and Toronto, we pride ourselves on our internationalism and our interactive approach to the learning process. All of our facilities are conveniently located at the centre of the cities in which they are located.

Our small class sizes enhance individual learning as you can benefit from personalised attention from teachers. Also, the strong sense of community at each school means you will have no problems settling in, whichever destination you choose.

Our Courses

At The Language Gallery, you can choose from different types of English and German language courses for adults, as well as international summer camps for teenagers. Combine classes to make your language learning more intensive and take advantage of our flexibility to change from one type of language course to another to fit your needs at no extra cost.

Our Methodology & Staff

Our staff are dedicated to giving you the best learning experience possible, allowing your language skills to flourish. Our teachers encourage positive interactions, helping the language become second nature to you. There are also advisors, there to help you every step of the way.

Our Teachers

Passionate, well-prepared and dynamic – that’s the best way to describe our teachers. They have all had CELTA or TESOL teacher training and many also possess, or are working towards a DELTA or MA.

Programs taught in:
  • English
  • German

This school also offers:

Undergraduate Pathway

The Language Gallery in Germany

TLG Toronto offers you the great opportunity to prepare for academic life in an English-speaking environment, for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in our part ... [+]

University Pathway Programme

The University Pathway Programme is a pre-sessional course designed for international students who are planning to study for a degree at a university in the UK, Canada, or Germany and need to meet the language requirement of their conditional offer.

This programme will help you to:

Become acquainted with the appropriate language and study skills necessary for academic institutions Develop learning strategies required for university life Develop the functional skills needed for both inside and outside the classroom Settle into an academic environment before starting your studies Course Requirements Levels: A0 and above (Dependent on location) Duration: 8-58 weeks** ... [-]
Germany Berlin Hanover
Open Enrollment
8 - 58 weeks
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