A new Home away from Home

Students lovingly call the campus “the bubble” – an international English-language microcosm in the middle of Europe, where you will live and learn with students from over 100 countries. After a semester at Jacobs, every corner of campus will be connected to a fond memory. Be it the group of seats at the corner of the quiet study area where you spent an entire night working hard, laughing with your friends and ordering pizza at 3 a.m.

Be it the small hills on Campus Green that you and your friends used for sledging down on cafeteria trays when the first snow had fallen in winter. Be it the tree in front of your college, where you hang up your first Bulgarian friendship bracelet for luck. Living and learning on campus mean that your friends will soon feel like family and that the campus will become a new home away from home.

Whenever visitors come to campus, they are impressed by the beauty of the spacious, green 34ha campus. The large campus green in the middle of campus and the soccer field attract students to sit together, to sunbathe and to play sports outside.

Dive into Diversity

Allowing students to foster their interpersonal and intercultural competencies is an important component of Jacobs University’s educational mission. As a Foundation Year student, you can take full advantage of the many learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom. Get immersed in the intercultural campus environment, take part in the various sports activities offered, or become a member of one of the many social, cultural, political, academic and entrepreneurial clubs on campus.

The residential colleges on campus offer a safe, interactive and inspiring living and learning experience: You will receive a private room in a two-room apartment and share common areas and a bathroom with a flatmate, who is typically of a different nationality.

The in-college cafeterias offer breakfast, lunch and dinner and are a great space to meet, chat and relax with your friends. All-day access to the state-of-the-art recreation center on campus and the well-equipped activity areas such as the theatre space, sports courts, a dancing room and the paper studio is just one of the perks of living on our beautiful campus. The campus is located in close vicinity to the city center of Bremen, a maritime multicultural and entrepreneurial city in the north of Germany.

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Foundation Year

Jacobs University Foundation Year

You are young, ambitious and are looking for inspiration? You have finished high school, want a taste of life at university, and yearn to learn more about the world and i ... [+]

You are young, ambitious and are looking for inspiration? You have finished high school, want a taste of life at university, and yearn to learn more about the world and its cultures? Then you will be interested in our Foundation Year Program.

Planning and preparing for your academic future is an important step. Join Jacobs University’s Foundation Year Program to explore different fields of study and to acquire academic learning skills before starting your bachelor’s degree.

Based on your individual academic background and your needs and goals, you can design your own Foundation Year learning experience. As a Foundation Year student, you can attend undergraduate courses from various fields of study and choose between different types of preparatory classes to improve your academic skills. Furthermore, you live on our international campus and can enjoy the full perks of student life in the residential colleges.... [-]

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