Georgian Institute Of Public Affairs


The Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) was created in 1994. The Institute’s four individual schools offer BA and MA programs as well as training courses in the spheres of Public Affairs, Local Governance, Journalism, International Affairs and Law alongside a Ph.D. program in Social Sciences. The teaching curricula, which is founded on the principles of liberal democracy, freedom of speech and innovation, offer students theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills through the integration of research and interactive teaching. GIPA is a national center for the development of best practices in Public Administration, Law, Politics, and Journalism in Georgia. From the beginning of its establishment, GIPA has brought together successful leaders from business, media, civil society and the public services to contribute to developing effective governance at the state, municipal and local levels as well as independent and viable media in Georgia through interactive educational programs, research and training. Apart from the graduate degree and certified training programs, GIPA carries out many successful research and training projects and manages the first English-language and student-run Radio GIPA. GIPA has four schools and two departments:

  • School of Government
  • Caucasus School of Journalism and Media Management
  • School of Law and Politics
  • School of Social Sciences
  • Research Department
  • Georgian Rural Development Department


Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) sees its mission in establishing the highest academic and professional standards in Georgia. The university aims to provide the level of higher and vocational education as well as academic research that will contribute to the strengthening of democratic values and the establishment of professional ethics in the country thereby pushing Georgia forward on its path of European integration. These aspirations take roots in the fields of study in which GIPA carries out its educational and other types of programmes, its multiple years of experience, traditions, and innovative undertakings. Those are some of the most distinguishing characteristics of GIPA. In the course of its 20 years of existence, the university has greatly contributed to the development of civil society in the country through its interactive educational programmes, researchers and training. Our educational and certificate programmes fully respond to the challenges that present-day Georgia faces in different aspects of its social and political life. Research and publication opportunities created at the university provide an adequate platform for communicating an expert opinion, holding public discussions and having debates on the most poignant issues of the society. GIPA is: An advocate of progress, new achievements, and innovations - It stands out by its relentless strive for progress and novelties wherefore it steadily outpaces the approaches and trends followed in the country. A center of western education, culture and values – It plays an important role in promoting the western education, culture and values which involves cultivating critical thinking skills, ensuring the top quality of the teaching process, equipping students with an adequate set of skills and knowledge that duly reflects the demands of the present-day labour market. An important ally in the state development process – a) it holds valuable expertise and competence and plays an important part in shaping public opinion. Therefore, cooperation with the university is beneficial for the government as well as the civil sector. B) University alumni find employment on the leading positions and contribute to the formation of progressive ideas, approaches, and trends in the country.



Georgian Institute of Public Affairs

7B, Ietim Gurji str.
0105 Tbilisi, Tbilisi, Georgia
+995 322 49 75 00