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Who are we?

An accelerator Creative Careers

The Open Design School was born from the meeting of passionate people and educational professionals engaged design. With Icademie, distance education group that has developed a solid expertise in mixed distance learning and initiated the school of design in 2014, we have the same DNA: innovation and vision new issues of education at the time of the digital revolution.

our Missions

The Open Design School teaches you the skills you need to enhance your business, meet your career aspirations, you open new opportunities, join or create a startup ... Our mission beyond train you, is to accompany you to the success of your project design through:

A new online teaching model, combining e-learning and special moments-face (design schools in workshops partners). A modular solution, a skills-based approach, promoting interoperability and transdisciplinary in the various fields of design. Programs geared towards innovation, promising niches and emerging business needs. Accompanying designers experts in their field and activity, which will guide and advise the learner in the learning process.

Our Values: Innovation, Opening, Internationalization

In a technological world in motion, we choose to position ourselves in the emerging uses to convey to all of our future learners knowledge that will help them take a step ahead of the challenges of the digital creation of tomorrow .

With a common desire to reveal to each his own potential, to transform and channel the creative opportunities; with an educational tour to the reconciliation (between mentors, companies and learners, while respecting the diversity of profiles), we make these freedoms, constituting our opening, the heart of our educational project. This commitment led to rethinking the organization of teaching in the light of new digital opportunities.

Our strategic alliances of excellence, in particular through the Pearson Education network enable us to work in a logic of internationalization, proposing Anglo-Saxon diplomas recognized in international markets, leading to prosecution of studies Level II (Bac +3) in colleges / universities in nearly 100 countries (including France).

Reality and Employablité

With a repository of proven programs and taught in the most prestigious universities / international schools under the responsibility of Pearson Education and Ofqual (the English equivalent of the French RNCP), The Open Design School guarantees the quality of its training issued total professional immersion (creative briefs, "design challenges" around tenders, business coaching ...). Thus, our desire is to give to those who trust us, the key to transform their careers and perhaps their lives, today and tomorrow.

Your Learning Environment


During videos: exclusive video courses, designed by experts and designers. Online Courses: Courses in structured line and rich multimedia resources, which include interactive exercises and files for your practical work and evaluation topics. E-Books: The e-book summary for each module, which include the essential concepts that you can annotate and a collection of excerpts from reference books. Tutorials: Tutorials distributed carefully among the most professional and efficient market. English online: English: a complete course of upgrading and learning online reference, you can follow throughout your journey.

Richmedia of course, interactive and open. You are free to enrich and share.

Your courses are articulated around different resources and educational activities online that you can follow at any time on smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Virtual Class: Your live virtual classroom for your curriculum, your needs and your schedule. Masterclass: Quarterly online masterclasses: a professional holds a virtual classroom for a few weeks and shares his experience and expertise of its art. Live Conferences: A live conference each month: a professional or a company comes about a project, demonstrate its expertise online for 60 or 90 minutes, and allows you to interact. These conferences are then available in replay. Works and practical items: The self-correcting and self-adaptive exercises. Work practices and projects you in the form of drawings, computer files, photos, scanned images or screenshots, and you save on the platform in your "journey board" for their educational correcting peer or your teachers. Workshops: The "physical" workshops or "digital" at regular intervals in your course, these reflection workshops and production supervised by professionals allow you to work in physical collaborative mode (workshop organized with design partner schools) or fashion "collaborative 3.0" through an innovative device.

You progress by practicing alone or with others.

You live special moments put in individual or collective practice, but also online workshops in design schools partners.

A community

Communautez: Interact and communautez with simple and user-friendly tools allowing you to constantly exchange between peers, with your tutors and your teachers. Network: Build your network around exchanges and privileged links with companies during educational collaborations, projects, competitions, job or meetings organized by the school. Collaborative: A team building without borders. The language of creation across borders and connects the world. Join a team (class), work and bring your projects collaboratively throughout your journey. Build up a network enjoying the pleiad of international profiles of learners, stakeholders and companies.

You learn from others and with others.

Your courses are articulated around different resources and educational activities online that you can follow at any time on smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Personal and professional accompaniment

Tutorials and Coaches: An educational team and tutors meet your questions, give you advice, you coachent and interact in real time with you at your request. Designers Experts: A teaching team of designers and top experts, all professional activity, is at your side to explain, teach you, and provide you with passion and accessibility their craft. Internship: An internship under agreement around your graduation project, which is sponsored by a company or not. It results in a memory and its defense before the jury of degree. Challenges Companies: Business Challenges: regularly throughout your journey, partner companies allow you to think in real time to a brief and build a team proposal "collaborative 3.0" mode. Development Council: A development board composed of independent personalities from the world of design and digital creation with a mission to help the school in its pedagogical implementation and strategic directions.

A professional team is at your side, with close proximity.

Your courses are articulated around different resources and educational activities online that you can follow at any time on smartphone, tablet or laptop.



The Open Design School

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