Orchestra Pro


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A contemporary vision of teaching established over two years

A multidisciplinary school rooted in the reality of performing arts

Orchestra Pro is a multidisciplinary art school unique in Marseille where the learning of singing , dance and drama is considered in a transversal and inseparable way of the technical trades and live performance production .

A professional training unique in France

By approaching the artistic, technical and administrative notions of the three disciplines, the school offers a professional training unique in its kind .

Through various workshops, students are involved in a constant mechanics of production and creation . Invited to be constantly in action, they become true performers.

The assurance of a high level of learning

Led by Benjamin Balensi, a talented musician and pianist, the school offers high-level , demanding training while listening to students.

The teaching of theater, dance and singing, conceived in a transversal way, allows students to become complete artists, capable of meeting the many expectations of the professionals of the stage .

Demanding teachers and speakers

Led by an educational team made up of experienced professionals and renowned speakers , each student develops their own artistic identity. Within his pole (singing, dancing or theater), he follows a training requiring a deep commitment and a constancy of work whose progression extends over two years .

Opening to a vast professional network

Orchestra Pro is a real support for every artist in formation. Accompanied by his career ambition, he benefits from a vast professional network solicited by all the teaching staff, a permanent follow-up and adapted advice .

At the completion of his training, he is then able to deploy the extent of his talent to take flight.



8 rue Saint Sébastien
13006 Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France