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For more than 30 years, the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been recruiting international students for French grandes écoles.

With one application, you can apply for several programs, mostly taught in English. They can be long - master level - or short - Summer Programs.

This experience will make you stronger and allow you to join an international community of entrepreneurs. 115411_Sanstitre5.png

Who are we?

These schools excel in the field of management, engineering, fashion, animation, gastronomy or perfumery. Join a school in France allows an average of 2,500 applicants per year to enroll in a master's or a summer school in one of our partner schools.

Our approach, for over 30 years, aims to make your registration in a major school in France easier:

  • offer online registration forms that are common to multiple schools or programs
  • organize online conferences every Wednesday to answer your questions;
  • to share interviews with Campus France in many countries, as is the case for management schools.

In addition, Join a school in France keeps in touch with graduates who go abroad and allows them to take part in the promotion actions of the French grandes écoles. It is a way to be useful to his school but also to meet the francophile network of business all over the world.

Programs taught in:
  • English

This school also offers:

Summer courses

Join a school in France

Come learn French know-how in perfumery, gastronomy, fashion and entertainment in one of the #FrenchTouch's schools of excellence! ... [+]

Join a School of Excellence in France

Come learn French know-how in perfumery, gastronomy, fashion and entertainment in one of the #FrenchTouch's Schools of Excellence!

Goblins, the school of animation and photographyFerrandi Paris, the school of culinary arts and hospitalityIsipca, the perfume schoolLa Fabrique, the school of fashion and decoration

All these schools offer long programs, in English, as well as Summer Schools.

Long programs

Long programs have the particularity of being professional and very connected to the world of business.

Short programs

Choose between 3 and 15 days of training to improve your technical skills in the chosen field.

Dates: June and JulyLanguage: English or FrenchPerfumery... [-]
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