Outward Bound Costa Rica


Why Outward Bound Costa Rica?

We see students and adults coming away from our courses with stronger leadership skills, a greater understanding of the world around them, and have discovered that they are capable of more than they thought possible.

Who We Are

Outward Bound Costa Rica inspires a lifetime of leadership, growth, and a commitment to serve through adventure-based learning. Since 1994, led by highly skilled and safety-conscious staff, we have delivered experiential education courses, utilizing Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua’s tropical rivers, reefs, and rainforests to help participants discover their hidden potential, and move beyond what they thought possible.

What We Do

We believe that the development of leadership skills, service experience, self-esteem, and self-confidence is paramount for students and adults to thrive—in the classroom, in the workplace, in their family, and in the world.

Our courses encourage participants to value each other’s strengths and differences and to live, work, and learn as a team. We provide opportunities for individuals to challenge themselves and to succeed.

Our educational model is based on 70+ years of teaching through experiential learning. For more information visit our blog post.

Where We Serve


When Can You Join Us


Develop vital life skills, expose yourself to local traditions of Costa Rica and Panama and transcend self-imposed limits while trekking remote rainforests, battling whitewater rapids, and catching waves on world-class tropical surf breaks.

Custom Courses

Come anytime by creating your very own Custom Course and take your friends, troop, family or coworkers on an Outward Bound Costa Rica expedition to Costa Rica, Panama, or Nicaragua.


Ideal for college students and recent high school graduates looking to test their tenacity and cultivate their personal leadership style in the unique tropical wilderness of Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua.

Girl Scout Destinations

Outward Bound Costa Rica has been a trusted partner of Girl Scouts of the USA for over 10 years hosting Girl Scout Destinations courses.



Calle Vindas
30307 Cartago, Cartago Province, Costa Rica