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The Miami Ad School / ESPM is a creative school just like its students: different.

Different because we are a school of ideas.

In 2002, through a partnership with ESPM, Miami Ad School arrived in Brazil. At that time some technologies passed, others arrived. Only one thing did not happen: good ideas.

Now, more than ever, they need to be in every way. A print can turn post. A post can turn movie. A movie may turn tweet. And all this can become class.

At Miami Ad School / ESPM classes are like this: all integrated, with a real life face.

In the area of ​​creation we have the courses of Advertising Copywriting, Art Direction and Graphic Design, all with a duration of 2 years. The Bootcamp Communication Planning course - the first of its kind in the United States and also in Brazil - lasts 1 quarter. We also have two more: Bootcamp of Agencies Service and the Bootcamp of Social Networks and Engagement with the Consumer. For professionals who want to understand more than one subject, Miami / ESPM offers Miami Pro courses, shorter courses in the areas of design, design, media, service and planning.

The Miami Ad School / ESPM is a school without teachers.

Copywriters, art directors and designers come in to teach. Copywriters, art directors and designers come out ready to work.

The Miami Ad School / ESPM is a place for the curious, the dissatisfied, the restless. For those who want more.

Welcome misfits the world needs your ideas.

Did you miss English? Should not. Miami Ad School / ESPM is a global school where your students can rotate the world and learn from the best agencies in places like New York, London, Hamburg and many others. And, contrary to what many think, to have a good idea is not necessary to learn, it is necessary to unlearn.

We are the first school in the world where the main method is to unlearn.

While others teach to follow the rules, we teach to break the rules. While others teach to look from an angle, we teach to look for all.

There is no formula, we are averse to formulas. And so we are the most prized school of creation in the world. We have already won CLIO, CANNES, ONE SHOW, D

The Miami Ad School / ESPM is a creative school that gives blood for those who have blood in their eyes. Here is the right place to be restless, dissatisfied, curious.

Only in this way is it possible to evolve and be exactly like the good ideas: unique.

The Miami Ad School / ESPM offers courses in São Paulo and Rio! But nothing prevents you from studying anywhere in the world where the school has branches and partnerships. If you wish to study at a Miami / ESPM branch in Europe you will find schools in Madrid, Hamburg and Berlin. Already in the United States you can study in the cities of Miami, Mineapólis, New York and San Francisco. The opportunity to meet new cultures and people and enhance your creative skills is here! Students from the school in Brazil and everywhere travel the world studying and working in the best known and award-winning agencies on the planet.

The Miami Ad School / ESPM offers the Quarter Away program, where you can choose your destination and embark on your journey! With this program, students have the chance to study within partner agencies (as of the 6th quarter of the course) or to do a traineeship exchange (as of the 7th quarter).


Rio de Janeiro

R. da Alfândega, 115

Rua da Alfândega, 115

20070-006 Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
+55 21 2216-2119