Hi, I’m Jennifer

An entrepreneur, cheerleader, networker and foodie dedicated to helping young people become the person they truly want to be. I founded my company, Go For It Brussels, in order to create opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to advance professionally while enjoying a once in a lifetime experience.

At Go For It Brussels, we work together in a small but diverse team that together has almost thirty years of experience working with students. We believe that traveling, experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, are key experiences that can shape who you are as a person and multiply your options instantly.

For me, the six months I spent studying abroad in France were some of the best times of my life. I worked so hard and didn't quite sleep enough – and I turned all my clothes green because I didn't separate the washing. My mother was not pleased! But the friends I made, the skills I learned and the confidence I gained as a result of having to figure out a lot of different things are what really stays with me even now, years later, when my wash separation technique is (practically) perfect. We also believe in quality and in providing value you can't get anywhere else. That's why we put the accent on professional advancement in our programs.

We want each student to be guaranteed an in-depth experience whether they embark on a whole semester abroad or travel for a week, so we have built into all of our programs a portfolio builder: a clear valuable element to show a future employer.

That's because in the era of free wifi and travel apps we believe there is still a lot more to be gained from traveling than just a fun time.

What We Are Made Of

Our team has hosted hundreds of students in the past fifteen years and coached and mentored more than 130 to help them grow into the superheroes they are meant to be. Here are the type of benefits they report from their experience:

  • I had an unforgettable experience, I would totally do it again
  • When I applied for graduate school/a job/an internship, my experience in the internship really helped seal the deal
  • I learned a lot about myself, and I gained insight into my possible career paths
  • I learned practical life skills, and about myself.

No Small Plans

We have a proven track record of providing the best internships and hosting the best students. We teach our students how to become the best they can be, and we negotiate great positions for them at the host offices. Win-win! We provide ongoing mentorship and coach students to create a vision for their career.


We get it, sometimes it's hard to be away from family and friends for a long time and between working and studying life can get tough. We've been there, and we have developed the sensitivity and the compassion to hold students' hand in their hour of need and help them get through difficulties

Local Know-how

We've are solidly based in Europe, where we have been operating and networking for years. We can set up great internships and site visits because we have the contacts to do it well. With us, the cultural exchange starts as soon as we start the conversation, and you will be encouraged to reflect on yourself and your culture and gain invaluable insights into intercultural communication at every step.

Why Brussels

EU Institutions

Brussels is the heart of EU policy-making and houses the three main bodies of EU policy

Government Affairs

With hundreds of groups, companies, and associations active in advocacy and European affairs, Brussels is the home to more lobbyists than Washington DC.

International Business

Businesses large and small collect around the EU headquarters

Convenient Travel

Dozens of cheap flights a day to go everywhere in Europe, as well as trains, buses, every travel option you may desire.

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Go For it Brussels

25 hours per week working in your chosen career field in Brussels Belgium. A star on your resume that will earn you points for graduate school, make you stand out in your ... [+]

Study Abroad - Intern - Have Fun - Explore the World and Discover Yourself

Do you secretly suspect you are meant for greater things but can't quite figure out your next step? Are you born to fly, but also really want to have your feet on the ground?

Fear not. Excitement and planning are both possible – at the same time. Adventure can be combined with safety – and it should!

Join us to discover how you can shine and grow.

An internship you won't want to go home from

25 hours per week working in your chosen career field in Brussels Belgium. A star on your resume that will earn you points for graduate school, make you stand out in your future job applications, give you that sophisticated edge you have been craving in your networking.... [-]

Belgium Brussels
January 2020
1 - 2 semesters
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Summer courses

Go For it Brussels

Why not use your summer to advance your resume and get real-life experience in the domain you are interested in? Brussels is the cosmopolitan melting pot of Europe, a gre ... [+]

An internship you won't want to go home from

Immersive, full-time internship in an area of your choice. Flexible start and duration: we recommend a minimum stay of 8 weeks.

Train your Superpowers

Give your resume a boost with work experience in the multicultural capital of Europe. Whether you feel focused on a specific area or you aren't sure where to start from, we can help.

Individual Success plan: we take the time to get to know you and we help you build your plan to a successful career. Internship placement: we will apply for you, no need to worry about the application process. Coaching: in our group and one-on-one sessions, you will learn how to network your way to meaningful professional connections. You will gain valuable tips for negotiating your tasks, your time, and your relationships at the office. Portfolio: take home a complete toolkit for your next application. Never feel lost again! ... [-]
Belgium Brussels
September 2019
6 - 10 weeks
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Go For It Brussels helped me change my life and redirect my career

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