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African School of Economics

African School of Economics

African School of Economics


The path to innovative leadership

The African School of Economics is headquartered in Abomey-Calavi, (Cotonou, Benin). We currently offer four graduate programs at the Masters level: Master in Mathematics, Economics and Statistics (MMES), Master in Business Administration (MBA), Master in Development Studies (MDS) and Master in Public Administration (MPA). We also have an executive education program and a Ph.D. program in Economics. Check our website to learn more about our current and future programs. ASE is the expansion of the Institute for Empirical Research in Political Economy (IERPE), founded in 2004, into a full-fledged pan-African university. A total of 95 students are enrolled at ASE (71 MMES program, 24 MBA) for the academic year 2015-2016, coming from 15 different countries. Faculty members (19) come from top universities from the US, Canada, and Europe.


The African School of Economics combines African roots with a global outlook, and we are eager to fulfill our commitments by pursuing excellence in the following aspects:

  • To provide our students with superior training in their chosen fields of study; a well-rounded education that nurtures their creativity, critical thinking, global outlook, and cultural awareness; and a campus life that prepares them to be community leaders and lifelong learners.
  • To be a leading institution for research and postgraduate study, pursuing knowledge in both core and applied areas, and collaborating closely with government agencies, business and industry to promote technological innovation and economic development.
  • To provide an open environment conducive to the exchange of knowledge, views, and innovative ideas among students, faculty, staff, and visiting scholars from all over the world, with diversified backgrounds and outstanding teaching and research achievements.


  • Cotonou

    ASE – Bénin Akassato, Abomey-Calavi 02 BP 372, , Cotonou

    • Princeton

      ASE – USA 230 Corwin Hall, , NJ 08544-1012, Princeton