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11 Associate Degree Programs in Teaching 2024

    Associate Degree Programs in Teaching

    An associate degree can be the tool to help you move forward in your profession, change vocations, or pursue further bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate studies. Many schools offer flexible programs, allowing completion in two years of full-time studies.

    You might be wondering: what is an associate degree in teaching? A typical plan of study incorporates a wide variety of subjects to help train you for instructing in a classroom. You’ll likely take introductory courses in education and pedagogy, as well as classes in literature, fine arts, history, and government. Programs also generally include foreign languages, mathematics, life sciences, and physical science classes. Depending on the curriculum, you may be required to take courses in psychology, which can include child growth and development and understanding special student populations.

    Your newly earned degree can lead to entry-level jobs in the education field, particularly in early childhood education. You can also pursue additional studies and earn more advanced degrees, which can lead to careers in primary through secondary school or college.

    The cost of earning an associate degree in teaching can differ vastly between institutions. Check with each school to determine their tuitions and fees.

    Graduating with an associate degree can immediately prepare you for being a teaching assistant, child care professional, or pre-school teacher. Teaching assistants commonly help with lesson plans, student supervision, grading, and classroom activities. Child care professionals usually work with children under age five, ensuring their health and safety in addition to helping them learning important social and self-care skills. Finally, pre-school or nursery school teachers mostly teach children ages three through five, preparing them with necessary skills prior to entering primary school.

    Online programs are often available from community colleges, private and public universities, and other institutions. For more information, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.