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It enables you to be able to cope with the new situation that is happening on the Internet. New professions and great job demand appear around Online Marketing.

Why the Postgraduate Degree in Online Marketing and Digital Communication Strategies?

The possibilities of digital marketing are enormous provided the appropriate tools are known. Therefore, it is important to acquire a global vision of this discipline that allows us to direct different fields of action.

The Postgraduate Degree in Online Marketing and Digital Communication Strategies is a unique opportunity to develop you in the field of Digital Marketing, acquiring a broad knowledge in the subject and offering efficient and profitable communication strategies for your company.


Be an expert in Online Marketing and propose the best strategies for my company

  • Make personalized marketing plans for the 2.0 environment.
  • Offer unique creative strategies in the market that differentiate us from the competition.
  • Generate high quality content that attracts and captures customers and potential customers.
  • Master the tools of Email Marketing and CRM to improve the affiliation of customers and potential customers.
  • Develop original marketing plans adapted to mobile devices.
  • Improve the experience of customers and potential customers with an attractive and easy to use web.
  • Evaluate action plans from results and offer solutions to problems through web analytics.

To whom it is addressed

Those professionals working in marketing and communications departments and projects to be leading branding and digital communication campaigns in all kinds of interactive environments and those who want to strengthen their knowledge and broaden their professional perspective.


block 01 Digital Marketing & Inbound Marketing

Block 02 Agenda Email Marketing, Affiliation and CRM

block 03 Google Analytics Getting Started

block 04 Google Analytics Topic

block 05 Google Tag Manager

block 06 Web Application Initiation

block 07 Topic Usability and User Experience- UX

block 08 Content Marketing Strategies in Contents

block 09 Mobile Marketing and Digital Trends

block 10 Agenda Creativity in Digital Environments

Modalities and Methodology

The methodology used in International Marketing for the learning and teaching of students in the different courses is based on the concept of personalizing, as much as possible, the training of the students, so much so that this will choose the time dedicated to guided study always by a plan established by the center. For this reason we offer two methods of study:

  • Learning Blended or mixed, which combines classroom training with online training.
  • E-learning, where all the training and equipment is online.

In both methods, it is promoting flexibility in time management by students always guided by a temporary varemos. Collaborative work, involvement and contact at all times with the teacher specialized in this field, will make the whole training process a simple task bearable. Therefore, the cloister compose highly qualified professionals in each specialty.

Blended Learning

In the embodiment Blended Learning or blended learning divides the student with the combination of classroom and online work. Each student has a schedule of activities and study in the online campus to achieve its objectives. It accounts with the professor and tutor.


In the e-learning student learning based on work online through our virtual campus. Each student has a schedule of activities and study in the online campus to achieve its objectives. It accounts with the professor and tutor.

Why Choose Us

If you are reviewing what center to enroll you first check what they can offer you.

We offer you the following list of advantages in ALL our programs, both SEMIPRESENTIAL and ONLINE :

  • Virtual campus: this is a campus that emulates what is a real school, an interactive center of encounter between the community. 100% dynamic and participative.
  • Topics in constant updating: attention to detail, with a writing aimed at achieving effective and enjoyable training.
  • Live virtual classes : face to face training with the teacher, get the answer to your questions at the moment.
  • Personalized tutor monitoring: interpret your progress so that you always know where you are.
  • Academic follow-up of the teacher: solve your doubts and correct your tasks.
  • Planning: monthly and weekly to detail.
  • Forums: with colleagues, with the teacher and discussion.
  • Teachers: Connection with all teachers of your program from the first to the last day.
  • Masterclass every month: with Digital Marketing gurus.
  • Access to the IIMN Masterclass History File
  • ISIC card *: International student card with more than 45,000 discounts.
  • Classes / Classes **: all our classrooms have state-of-the-art HP computers and digital whiteboards. Modern and equipped with the best technology, FREE high-performance (300 Gb) fiber optic WIFI with Aruba equipment, the most advanced on the market.
  • Facilities for study **: you can count on our classrooms if you do not have where to study or you need a place with the latest technology. (Check our study schedule).
  • Qualification *: Double degree, IIMN and title accreditation by Abat Oliba CEU University.
  • Pioneers of Digital Marketing: 10 years accumulating experience and resources in training in Digital Marketing. We have not adapted to the digital, we have been born and grown with the Internet. 1st Master of Digital Marketing in Spain: we have more than 27 promotions.

(*) Except initiation courses and English courses.

(**) Headquarters of Barcelona. The rest of venues, to consult.

Modalidades of the Graduate

Postgraduate Courses

  • Duration 1200 hours (125 hours in person) Total period of 10 months
  • Equivalence 48 credits
  • Postgraduate Price € 3,750. (consult split payment)
  • Open call beginning November 2017 in Madrid and Barcelona

Postgraduate Online

  • Duration 1200 hours Total period of 10 months
  • Equivalence 48 credits
  • Postgraduate Price 2,500 €
  • See next call
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This course is Online, Campus based
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Sep 2019
2,500 EUR
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Sep 2019
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