From 0 to CPL with ATPL(frozen)


Program Description

From 0 to CPL with ATPL(frozen)


What you get? - CPL - Commercial pilot licence with – (IR) Instrument rating, (ME) Multi engine rating, "Frozen" ATPL - Airline transport pilot license (theoretical course) with minimum of 200 flight hour. The privileges of the holder of a CPL are to:

  • Exercise all the privileges of the holder of a PPL Act as pilot-in-command or co-pilot of any aeroplane engaged in operations other than commercial air transportation;
  • Act as pilot-in-command in commercial air transportation of any single-pilot aeroplane;
  • Act as co-pilot in commercial air transportation.


  • Air law and ATC procedures;
  • Airframes & systems, electrics, powerplant, emergency equipment;
  • Instrumentation;
  • Mass and balance;
  • Performance;
  • Flight planning & monitoring;
  • Human performance & limitations;
  • Meteorology;
  • General navigation;
  • Radio navigation;
  • Operational procedures;
  • Principles of flight;
  • Communications.


  • Minimum age of 18 years;
  • Class 1 medical certificate;
  • Sufficient level of knowledge of Mathematics and Physics;
  • Acceptable English language skills.


  • 01 private pilot license (PPL);
  • 02 hour building;
  • 03 night qualification (VFRN);
  • 04 single engine instrument rating (SEP IR);
  • 05 commercial pilot licence (CPL);
  • 06 multi engine piston qualification (MEP);
  • 07 multi engine instrument rating (MEP IR);


PPL - Private Pilot Licence

  • PPL Theoretical course (online tests, ground training, school exams, books).: 100
  • Flights with Cessna-150/152: 40
  • Flights with FNPTII simulator: 5
  • Flight exam with CAA examiner: 1,5
  • ICAO language proficiency check


  • Flights – 46:30
  • Theory - 100


  • ATPL(A)-650 Theoretical course (distance learning, online tests, ground training, school exams, books).: 650

VFRN - Night rating

  • Theory: 2
  • Flights with Cessna-150/152: 5
  • Landing fees


  • Flights - 5
  • Theory - 2

Time building

  • Flights with Cessna-150/152: 73


  • Flights - 73

SEP IR - Instrument Rating

  • Flights with FNTPII simulator: 35
  • Flights with Cessna-172: 15
  • Preflight briefing: 10
  • Landing fees


  • Flights - 50
  • Theory - 10

CPL - Commercial Pilot Licence

  • Flights with Cessna-150/152: 15
  • Preflight briefing: 5
  • Landing fees


  • Flights - 15
  • Theory - 5

MEP (VFR, IR) - Multi Engine piston

  • Flights with Multi Engine Aircraft: 8
  • Flights with FNTPII simulator: 3
  • Theory, preflight briefing: 10
  • CPL MEP IR flight skill test with Multi Engine Aircraft: 2


  • Flights - 13

TOTAL FROM 0 TO CPL with ATPL frozen

  • Flights - 202:30
  • Theory - 758

** Training price is determined while signing the contract, depending on the duration of the course.


  • Flying in winter conditions + 10%
  • Also we offer Oxford theoretical course books.
  • Price list is designed according our best knowledge and covers all expenses in fact that trainee proceed without any problems.
  • Times in each module are minimum according JAR FCL 1 regulations. 80% students without problems meet JAA requirements but just please keep in mind you may need some additional lessons. They are of course for additional charge.
  • Fuel, administrative charge and instructors fees are included. In fact if you chose to fly on international airports often then they may be slightly higher.
  • Medical insurance is not included, because most of the students have their own from their countries.
  • CAA fees are not included, because they are paid by students directly to CAA.
Last updated Feb 2018

About the School

EASA approved ATO "Pilot? Mokykla" is the largest place for training amateur pilots in Lithuania. This is the first private pilot training school in the Baltic States with a flying base in Paluknis ai ... Read More

EASA approved ATO "Pilot? Mokykla" is the largest place for training amateur pilots in Lithuania. This is the first private pilot training school in the Baltic States with a flying base in Paluknis airport. During a year several hundreds of different certificates are issued there. According to the international requirements, the Pilot School is an Approved Training Organization (ATO). Students learn according to the module teaching programmes. For example one module is initial training of an amateur pilot, and so on. It takes one and a half years to train a pilot of commercial aviation. The school uses following planes: C-150, C-152, C-172, C-206, PA-28, PA-30, PA-34, PA-38, PA-46, Malibu, An-2, Cessna Mustang, Beechcraft Premier I. During a year the Pilot School can train up to 100 pilots. For experienced pilots training school offers A320 Family,B737-300/900, ERJ 170/190 and SAAB 340 type rating courses. The school has founded a general aviation technical maintenance organization ELSA technics, which services and repairs planes. This Company has been Issued PART 145 license confirming the technical maintenance organization. Read less