Best Courses in Qingdao in China 2019/2020

There are hundreds of nationally recognized Professional qualifications & training courses from the worlds leading education providers. Course objectives should lead to teaching methods and student interest.

For higher education, a master is a great option. Programs can last about two years with a requirement somewhere between 12 and 18 courses at the graduate level. Field of study options may vary widely, allowing students to tailor their education to their needs.

The china higher education for a couple of years has been voted as one of the best among the Asian countries. This country has over 150 both public and private owned universities distribution on all provinces of china. The higher education is research based.

Courses in Qingdao in China

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Chinese Language and Culture Course

Ocean University of China
Campus Full-time 1 semester Request Info China Qingdao

Chinese Language and Culture Course

Chinese Language Course

Qingdao Technological University Qindao College
Campus Full-time September 2020 China Qingdao

In the pre-term placement, per 5-15 Chinese language students will be set in one class according to their actual Chinese level.

Course: 1 to 1 private course

XMandarin Chinese Language Centre
Campus Full-time 2 - 7 weeks Open Enrollment China Qingdao

Choose to study Mandarin in 1-to-1 with one or more Chinese teachers. You will meet every day, from Monday to Friday, according to the schedule arranged during daytime. It will allow you to grasp conversational Mandarin Chinese and recognize simple Chinese characters effectively if you are a beginner. Get the best teachers to improve your level more efficiently if you are already learning the language. In any case, it will make your Mandarin studies improve rapidly with low-stress and a lot of fun!

Course: Group Class courses

XMandarin Chinese Language Centre
Campus Online Full-time Part-time 4 - 24 weeks Open Enrollment China Qingdao + 2 more

Join the Group class to study Chinese with students having the same level as you and make get familiar with people from all over the world. Together with your classmates, you can interact easily in class and join our extracurricular activities like cooking courses, hiking in the mountains, visiting a traditional tea art studio etc. to get in touch with Chinese culture.