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The JSP (Japan Studies Program) consists of the Japan Area Studies Program (JAS) and the Japanese Language Program (JLP). JAS courses are embedded within the liberal arts curriculum to ensure both that they have a strong academic base and that students are able to see Japan from a number of disciplinary perspectives. JAS is proud to host a large number of experiential workshops on Japanese culture taught by masters in Noh, Koto, Shakuhachi, Zen, Shinto, Shodo, Sado, Kado, and the martial arts: Aikido, Judo, Karate and Shugendo.

The JLP includes not only Japanese language courses ranging from beginning to advanced levels but also courses in professional Japanese writing, reading Japanese newspapers, and public speaking in Japanese. Our Language Acquisition Center (LAC) includes a Japanese Writing Desk to help Japanese and international students polish their composition skills.

Japanese Culture Classroom

Japanese Culture Classroom A
Wooden Floor

At iCLA we use a wood floor in Japanese Culture Classroom A and this is where we host our Noh, Shugendo and other workshops. Wooden flooring has always been a cornerstone of the traditional Japanese way of life. It is the oldest type of flooring in Japanese history, and in olden days entire houses had wooden flooring. Round tatami mats were used only in places where people sat and slept.

Japanese Culture Classroom B
  Tatami Floor

Japanese Culture Classroom B’s floor is made of tatami mats. We host our Sado workshops here and other activities that involve sitting on the floor. Tatami mats are traditionally made by weaving straw and have an exact 2:1 aspect ratio. This makes it possible to create perfectly square or rectangular spaces depending on the occasion. Determining the size of a room this way is also something that is quintessentially Japanese. Even now, office space is often measured “by the mat.”

Central Garden
   Bamboo Grove

Our beautiful bamboo garden can be seen from six different angles on both floors of the building—a perfect way to appreciate a plant with long connections to Japanese culture. Bamboo is endemic to the Japanese archipelago south of Aomori Prefecture and has long been used as a building material. Often considered to be something between a tree and a grass, it grows as quickly as grass but like a tree its stalks grow straight and woody. At iCLA we hope that the students will be like bamboo: flexible, and capable of growing rapidly.

12 Hands-On Workshops

Learn about Japan’s Arts and Culture in 12 Hands-On Workshops

*More workshops to be announced.

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