A cookery lesson for life!

This exciting fast track, six week intensive professional cooking course provides the fullest possible culinary knowledge. Participants can then go on to start work as a chef in a professional kitchen, do seasons on a yacht or in a ski chalet, cater for dinner parties or simply enhance their own cooking repertoires.

Design of our course

  • The main thrust of the course is to build competence and confidence. This is achieved through intensive learning in small classes with a high ratio of teachers to students. Cookery School cooks leave us feeling proficient and well equipped with the ability to plan and execute menus to suit the occasion and to go on to fulfil the ambitions that brought them to the course in the first place.
  • The course is based on the premise that everyone has holes in their culinary knowledge so nothing on the course is taken for granted. All relevant topics – theoretical and practical – are covered which adds to the confidence of our students, making them feel that they have a good grasp of the cooking skills that they will require in the future.
  • We work within a clearly structured framework with recipes that have been honed and tested over ten years and that have been used by thousands of students. We believe that if one uses a good recipe, one produces a good dish.
  • Our students are provided with essential cooking tools and build up requisite skills so that they feel confident with those techniques that are considered tricky but are an essential part of a cook’s arsenal.
  • The class size is limited to 12 participants. As well a having a high teacher/pupil ratio we provide a high helper/pupil ratio to allow as much time as possible to be devoted to valuable learning rather than tasks like washing up.
  • Students are required to do additional out of hours home work to consolidate their learning and to develop a knowledge of recipes, planning and costing of meals.

Our teaching

  • Our teaching is straightforward: Rosalind Rathouse, the Principal and Master Cook insists that all teaching principles are consistent whomever the teacher. Avoiding jargon, we focus on the importance of fantastic ingredients and understanding principles. We demystify techniques considered tricky so that they easily become part of a necessary cooking repertoire.
  • The emphasis is on good, simple food – often classic dishes – using the best ingredients which are organic when possible. The sourcing of our food is paramount and this is obvious in the final test – how the food tastes!
  • Cooks’ Certificate students learn a raft of skills from both Cookery School teachers and teachers that we bring in for certain specialist classes, such as chocolate making, sourdough bread making and different regional cuisines.
  • Students are encouraged to ask questions to ensure a full understanding.
  • Assessments take place throughout the duration of the course so that students can witness their growing competency and Cookery School can ensure that what has been taught has been assimilated and is being appropriately used.

Course content

  • This includes cooking techniques from the simplest to those perceived as being tricky; sustainable sourcing, menu writing, planning, pricing and budgeting along with a numerous other skills.
  • Students also gain accredited certification in Health and Safety, first aid course and a WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust) Level 2 certification in Wines and Spirits.
  • Should any of our students wish to further their training in the corporate/restaurant areas, we will be able to help with work placements through our numerous contacts.
  • We can also advise on a menu portfolio, something that students may want to create to take to future employers.
  • During the final week time will be given over to career advice and where to look for jobs.

Cost of course

The cost of the professional cooking course is £5,900 which includes all necessary ingredients and use of Cookery School equipment as well as a daily fresh apron. There are no hidden extras. This cost is inclusive of VAT.

Course times

The course runs daily from 9.30am – 4.00pm with extended classes on certain days. At lunch time participants sit down the Cookery School table to sample the food that has been made that day. As tasting and flavour are foundations of our teaching, this too is an important element of the course and much emphasis is placed on this. All surplus food is taken away each day to enjoy at home. We request that all students on the course bring in suitable containers in which to transport this food home each day. As we pride ourselves on being as sustainable as we possibly can be, we are unable to provide take away containers.

Why a cook’s certificate and not a chef’s one?

We believe that the long and wonderful tradition of cooking and recipes has been passed down through the generations. Traditionally this has been based upon a love of food and on availability of seasonal ingredients. Our Cook’s Certificate holds these premises dear. Cooking has a proud tradition and we are keen to pass this on to our cooks to carry forward. It will provide them with a good basis for any cookery based activities that they may wish to pursue in the future.

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