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October 31, 2019

If you are studying abroad, you might want to learn to communicate in the local language, even if your program is offered in your mother tongue. Doing so can really help you integrate into campus and local life -- and will stand you in very good stead if you are looking to work alongside or after your studies. Even if you do not become fluent in the language, the willingness to learn and push yourself out of your comfort zone will likely be highly valued by prospective employers -- and people you meet on a social basis. This may well seem like a daunting endeavor -- and to be sure, learning a language is far from easy. But it need not be a daunting fact, it can be great fun. There's much more to learning a new language than sitting in a classroom and practicing your tenses. So he ...

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October 8, 2019

Iconic architect Frank Lloyd Wright knew more than a few things about laying down some solid foundations. But none of his incredible achieve...

September 17, 2019

Southern California, also known as SoCal, is known for its amazing weather, glistening beaches, and area attractions such as Hollywood, Univ...

September 10, 2019

Are you interested in higher education but not particularly thrilled about the prospect of spending three to four years at uni? Are you worr...